Target Product Profiles for medical tests: a systematic review of current methods

This systematic review by Cocco et al. (2020) examines considerations for developing Target Product Profiles (TPP) for medical tests and identifies a framework for future users.

Northwestern University - Patent and Invention Policy

The following document is an example of a University Patent and Invention Policy provided by Northwestern University.

Fundraising For Global Health Social Enterprises: Lessons from the Field

This guide identifies common challenges, pitfalls, and best practices for securing fundraising as a global health social enterprise.

Northwestern University - Spaces / Facilities for Innovation

The following webpage describes the workspaces for wet-lab work, co-working and prototyping at Northwestern University.

Northwestern University - Tech Transfer Office Events

The following resource is an example of the different workshops, lectures, and information sessions Northwesten Innovation and New Ventures department uses to engage with their students and local entrepreneurs.

Biomedical Engineering-Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance (BME-IDEA)

BME-IDEA is a global meeting for faculty and staff to share knowledge, experiences, and resources in biomedical engineering (BME) innovation education.

Increasing Collaborative Research Output Between Early-Career Health Researchers in Africa

This study explores the collaboration between African universities, African research institutions, and non-African institutions to strengthen and expand doctoral training in Africa.

Characterizing partnerships for research and innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from the case of the Africa-EU ProIntensAfrica Initiative

This study examines bi-regional partnerships between sub-Saharan Africa and the European Union through a case study on the Africa-EU ProIntensAfrica Initiative.

Science-based health innovation in sub-Saharan Africa

This study examines health innovation in Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Open Innovation and Innovation Intermediaries in Sub-Saharan Africa

This study examines innovation landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly the role of key intermediaries. | All Rights Reserved. Invention Education Toolkit, 2021.
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